5 tips for creating shareable social media content

  • Dani Shaked

Shareable content is defined as social media content that is simple to share and engage with. On all social media platforms, shares are an important form of engagement. If a piece of your content is shared, it means that not only are your followers benefiting from it but all of their followers are now exposed to your brand and what you have to offer.

If you’ve ever wondered how to create shareable social media content, take a look at this list of social media content guidelines.

  1. Whatever sort of content you share on social media, make it relevant to the needs of your target audience. Making your content customer-centric will always increase its chances of being shared.
  2. Visual elements entice readers and hold their attention for a longer period of time. Including visuals in your content will not only increase time on the page but will also increase shares.
  3. Creating original content that is unique to your brand and messaging is a promising method of creating shareable content. You can generate new social media content by taking a slightly different angle on a popular topic.
  4. On social media, infographics are shared three times more frequently than other types of content. Because they are the perfect combination of what sells on social media: strong visuals, useful and brief text, and a creative aesthetic. Infographics are the leader of shareable content.
  5. If your brand creates blog posts, podcasts, or educational videos for the website, make it easy for visitors to share them on social media platforms. By including one-click sharing social media icons on your content, you can increase the likelihood that it will be shared.
Dani Shaked
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Dani is super passionate about tech, startups, marketing, and making it all work together to move the needle in the right direction.
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