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When starting a business for first time, an entrepreneur needs content marketing for startups using effective, strategic approaches. Evil Twin, an online marketing agency is helping start-up companies thrive by creating presence and building relationships and reputations. A content marketing strategy is an expertise only expert marketers and marketing strategists can master. We create strategies to help build a foundation for your new business and to ensure a successful launch of the brand and products/services.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategy marketers use to create and distribute unique content that will attract and maintain customers. The content is relevant to your brand providing important information most consumers want to know about your startup and products. Content introduces your business to the world, including offerings and the management team.

Benefits of Content Marketing:

    • Potential increase in sales and revenue.
    • Reduced marketing costs.
    • Builds brand presence in local, national, to international markets.
    • Attracts consistent traffic to your website.
    • Social media marketing to build customer-relationships and gain new customers.

Marketing agency Evil Twin can meet your content marketing needs that are beneficial to launching a brand and experiencing growth. While traditional marketing is outdated because of the web, internet marketing is best, especially in the early start-up stage. We use only original content to prevent duplications that can affect your rankings.


Why do startups need content marketing strategies?

The importance of content marketing for startups is to strategically plan and guide marketing and content efforts of your organization. A marketer or marketing strategist gather insights from analysts to determine how to target customers and prospects with unique content. You will need an effective marketing strategy for organic and accessible business growth.

It helps to bring existence of your startup and products before you launch. You can attract an audience that will be waiting to visit your website for services and to purchase products. A marketer aligns content marketing with your goals, audience, and informative content.

What is a good marketing strategy for content?

A good marketing strategy for content comprises important elements to make your business successful. Brand positioning is a component of online marketing used to determine a unique character that sets your startup apart from existing companies offering similar products. Another element of the marketing strategy is setting and achieving business goals.

A marketer uses the value proposition element to establish your brand as a reliable content publisher. To identify the type of information that’s beneficial for your audience, Evil Twin performs accurate research.

What are the consequences of not creating good and unique original content on the website?

Content over the internet should be unique and authentic to avoid duplication of content that can affect your rankings in search engines, such as Google. Evil Twin ensures your content is 100 percent original and eliminates the possibilities of traffic and ranking losses. Your content on blog posts, product/service pages, and editorials will keep consumers and your audience engaged regularly.

How can you measure the performance of your content marketing strategy?

Evil Twin uses marketing analytics to create a marketing strategy for content, perform optimization, and to make continuous improvements. You can measure your strategy relating to customers and audiences. Valuable content can result in potential leads and be measured based on the number sales to a qualified lead.

Performance of a marketing strategy allows you to monitor and track the following:

    • Generation of Traffic
    • Leads
    • Awareness of Your Brand and Startup
    • Conversion Rate
    • Audience Engagements

You can track all those metrics and measure performances to make improved marketing decisions.

Why is it important that content strategy be implemented on all media channels?

Content posted on social media has the potential of turning your brand into a popular online name and consumers into loyal customers. It can improve your marketing results and return on investment (ROI). You can leverage social media channels that will distinguish your business from your competitors by identifying your goals and valued posts that are in alignment. Distribution of your content on the right social media platforms are important as well.

A content marketing strategy is a sustainable approach for creating and distributing unique content for startups and companies of all sizes. Evil Twin uses proven marketing tools that attract and maintain an audience, driving profits and consumers. You need a strategic marketing plan for your startup to target your customers and prospects based on geographics and other characteristics.

The best marketing strategy is the inclusion of important elements, including brand position, value proposition, business goals setting, and a plan. Evil Twin has the expertise and experience in content marketing to create presence and attract an audience and traffic to your business website. You can measure the performance of your strategy using analytical marketing tools to monitor progression.

Visit Evil Twin today and start your marketing campaign! Learn how content marketing will help your startup grow and create a lasting presence over the internet.

Dani Shaked
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Dani is super passionate about tech, startups, marketing, and making it all work together to move the needle in the right direction.
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