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Pcysys’ automated penetration-testing solution builds cyber resilienceby automating detection of vulnerabilities while ensuring an undisrupted network operation.

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SparkBeyond’s ground-breaking AI application is designed for strategy, growth, and innovation and to tackle the cognitive bottleneck and bias inherent in human thinking by identifying root causes and drivers.

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Deep Instinct is the first company in the world to apply deep learning to cybersecurity technology. They developed an artificial neural network brain with an instinctive capability to identify cyber-attacks in just milliseconds.

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Offering precise API protection solutions for every SaaS, mobile, web, microservice and IoT application, that save time and simplify processes.

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Inuitive-Tech designs powerful multi core processor ICs for applicationssuch as smartphones, virtual and augmented reality devices, and robots.

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is a group of experienced industry experts and technologists, dedicated to developing a solution universally used by every member of a manufacturing team to facilitate data-driven decision-making.

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Unbound develops innovative technological solutions to protect cryptographic keys, by ensuring that keys are never exposed, in any environment.

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Cappitech’s Innovative platform enables companies to handle large amounts of data while complying with transaction reporting obligations as well as gaining advanced business
insights from trading data.

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GKI Group is a home for technologies, innovations and ideas, focusing on investing in startups and advising entrepreneurs.

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Epic is a tech branding and marketing agency focused on creating brand impact for visionaries and entrepreneurs, through a wide range of solutions.

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Cellwize’s cloudified and AI-driven RAN automation and orchestration solutions allow mobile network operators to fast-track 5G network deployment and go-to-market, as well as gain a ROI on their network investments.

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Datagen provides customized Simulated Data – a new type of synthetic data, specifically focused on visual simulations and real-world recreations.

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Axonize offers a new way of connecting and managing smart enterprise projects through an end-to-end, smart building and smart offices solution, specifically designed for the post COVID -19 world.

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The P-Cure patient-centric approach introduces a new solutionfor personalized treatment in proton therapy, that is more economical to develop, operate and has the ability to treat more patients than ever before.

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Variscite develops, produces and manufactures a powerful range of System on Modules. It’s fully integrated systems provide optimization of product design, development and manufacturing.

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Fieldbit offers an augmented reality multi-source knowledge platform, providing field service technicians real-time information and guidance through interactive collaboration with experts and digital resources.

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S Capital is a boutique investment fund incorporating the know-how of an established firm as well as the agility of a boutique firm.

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Comsec is a powerhouse of cybersecurity expertise. Comsec delivers innovative services to secure the organization’s information and operational assets


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