How much should you spend on Facebook ads to get results?

  • Dani Shaked

Even with the Facebook Ad budget benchmarks, it’s tough to say how much you should spend on facebook Ads without actually running the ads yourself.

There are also a lot of nuances regarding this issue. On the surface, a retargeting campaign may seem too costly to invest in compared to other campaigns that are focused on impressions or clicks. However, this is going to be your best bet if you want to convert your website visitors.

We recommend spending at least $1,500 per month on a Facebook ad campaign. This works out to a daily budget of about $50. You’ll have enough money with this Facebook ads budget to run multiple campaigns, test various ideas, and optimize your ads to increase ROI and lower CPC.

The cost of Facebook ads is not determined by a single factor; instead, Facebook considers a number of variables, all of which should be considered. One of the most significant factors that can influence your Facebook advertising cost is your industry or niche. Some industries can be much more expensive than others.

Additionally, Facebook provides advertisers with a variety of bidding strategy options. The one you select will have an impact on the overall cost of your advertisements. The timing of your ads can also have an impact on your overall Facebook advertising costs.

Ad space in the feed or stories, which are more competitive placements, will cost more than a display in the right column on desktop devices. Furthemore, the most valuable advertising objective options for businesses are also the most expensive. Bottom-of-funnel goals, such as product catalog sales or store visits, will be more expensive than top-of-funnel goals, such as awareness and reach.

Dani Shaked
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