How to properly manage your Facebook page reviews

  • Dani Shaked

To make an impression on your customers, you need more than just effective content in your social posts; you also need a lot of positive feedback and, more importantly, you need to manage it well. In case you didn’t know, most users conduct online research on businesses before making a purchase decision.

So, how do you handle those Facebook reviews? Here are the first five steps:

    1. Request that your customers, both online and in-person, leave you a review on Facebook. If you don’t ask for reviews, you might be missing out on a lot of positive feedback that could help influence other potential customers.
    2. Always be personal in your review responses. When responding to customers, make sure to address them by name, specifically address the compliments or criticism you received, and ask if there is anything else you can do for them. This will foster a personal connection with your customers, making them more likely to buy from you again in the future.
    3. Take a look at what your clients are saying about you. If you know what your customers are saying about your social posts, promotions, or your business in general, you will be able to share more relevant content and make changes to your business, which will result in more positive Facebook reviews and a higher star rating.
    4. The majority of customers place a premium on businesses responding to their inquiries. If you don’t respond to your customers, you risk scaring away new customers who are researching your company and come across those unanswered reviews. Also, if you don’t respond to a customer’s question, he might think you’re ignoring his problem.
    5. Don’t be concerned if you receive one or two negative reviews. Customers who are dissatisfied leave negative reviews for a variety of reasons, but we all make mistakes, and most of your customers will be understanding. Receiving a negative review is an excellent opportunity to identify where your company went wrong and make the necessary changes to ensure it does not happen again.
Dani Shaked
About the author
Dani is super passionate about tech, startups, marketing, and making it all work together to move the needle in the right direction.
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