Evil Twin Podcast episode #11Startups’ Marketing – insights, KPIs and mistakes you should avoid

  • Dani Shaked

We hosted Dani Avitz. Dani is the co-founder of Algopix, a SAAS platform that provides information and market insights about the e-commerce world to brands and trade platforms. Dani became an angel investor in startups around a year and a half ago and in his spare time, he serves as a CMO for 5-6 early-stage startups.

In this episode, we discussed the components that every startup should have when building a marketing strategy after the first couple of months of marketing set up, whether it is possible to set up a marketing strategy for a startup in the alpha stages of the product and lots of other small startup marketing tips.

Dani Shaked
About the author
Dani is super passionate about tech, startups, marketing, and making it all work together to move the needle in the right direction.
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