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Many entrepreneurs struggle when it comes to building a website. “Where do I start?”, “Does the website’s design have an impact on conversions?”, “How do I measure the website’s success?”, “Should I build it in-house or hire an agency?”, “What is the Best Web Design?” are some of the questions they ask themselves.

A solid website should reflect the personality and business of a startup. It should communicate the startup’s services, products, and values to the audience. A great website can even make your clients feel more connected to your brand. It should also draw and retain loyal clients who are interested in the startup’s services.

That is something that a web design and development agency can help you with. This type of company is a qualified and professional service provider that specializes in website design, development, hosting, and maintenance. Agencies usually have large teams of web designers and developers who are well-versed with different technologies and tools that can help create effective and unique websites while converting leads and sales.

Your Website Should Inspire

Your website should inspire your visitors and clients. A creative, eye-catching website will show the world that you’re a professional startup and help attract new visitors.

Websites are often the first impression for potential clients. A website should reflect a unique personality and business. It should communicate to the readers what your brand is about, who you are, what services, products, and values you provide. In fact, according to statistics, around 70% of a person’s buying decision is influenced by how they feel about your website.

Benefits of Using an Agency

The biggest reason why you should hire a web design and development agency is that they will have the specific skills and knowledge necessary to produce an appealing, well-designed website for your startup.

In addition, many agencies offer packages that cover more than just designing your website such as: web hosting, domain name registration, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), mobile-friendly website designs and development, email marketing campaigns, and run-time maintenance support.

Additional benefits of using a professional web design and development agency include:

  • Quality web designs and development
  • A website that is mobile-friendly
  • Competitive pricing
  • Professionalism
  • SEO services to help you rank higher on the search engine results pages (SERP)

Pros of Hiring a Freelancer

You should hire a freelancer if you don’t need many features on your website, but still want it to be designed well. A web design freelancer will only charge you for their work.

Cons of Hiring a Freelancer

Freelancers aren’t always available when you need them most, which can lead to missed deadlines or job miscommunication. Another con is that there is no guarantee that the designer’s work will be of the best quality or that your website will be professional as with an agency.

Choosing a web design agency is very important for your startup and can provide many benefits that you should take into account. The next step is to choose an agency that you can work with and one that suits your needs.

Selecting the Right Agency for Web Development and Design

Web design and development agencies can help you create a website that will grow your startup. There are many factors to consider when choosing an agency in order to ensure that the results will be what you expected and needed.

When choosing a website design and development agency, ask for their portfolio of previous work or review their websites so you have a better understanding of what they can do for you. The agency must have a team with experience in UX/UI, graphic design, SEO, content creation, programming, web development, social media marketing (SMM), and more.

To decide what kind of agency you need, use these metrics:

Reputation – Does the agency has a good reputation? Check online to see what other people have to say and if they seem to be reliable.

Functionality – What kind of features does the package include? What is the maximum number of pages that can be produced in a single month? Is SEO (search engine optimization), SMM (social media marketing), on-going support and maintenance, email marketing campaigns, and other services included in the package?

Cost – What are their prices for their products and services? Is the cost of each feature on your website included in the monthly fee, or do you have to pay extra for some of them? How much does a page cost?

The Importance of UX/UI Design

The user experience (UX) refers to how someone feels when they use your website. The style and design of that website is known as the user interface (UI). Both of these factors must be considered while building or redesigning a website to ensure that it is user-friendly. A professional agency can help your startup achieve this since they have the necessary expertise and knowledge in what it takes to make your website stand out and attract potential clients.

The Right Agency Can Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to your website that complete a desired goal (a conversion) out of the total number of visitors. A high conversion rate is indicative of successful marketing and web design. It means people want what you’re offering, and they’re easily able to get it. A good web design agency can help you create compelling content that will attract customers to spend more time on your website and eventually become customers.

If you need an agency to help you design and develop your website, there are many options available. All you have to do now is determine whatever type of agency or individual you want to work with and get to work.

There is one thing that is certain. Your startup’s CRO will improve with a well-designed website with easy navigation. Older websites have a higher probability of experiencing problems such as broken links, outdated user interface features, and slow-loading pages.


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